Mobile Apps Development


Native Mobile Apps Development for Android and iOS

Unlike apps developed by cross-platform tools, native mobile apps provide high degree of reliability and fast performance. it also gives the ability to access phone’s various hardware such as camera and GPS. Native apps are developed using the native language and official SDK of the platform (Objective-C for iOS or Java for Android)

Type of appsWe develop variety of apps which includes but not limited to:
  • Educational
  • Books
  • Healthcare
  • Content Management
  • Shopping
  • E-commerce
  • E-Magazines
  • Location Based (GIS)
  • Social apps
  • Inventory Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • and more …


Publishing appThe process of preparing and submitting your app to Google Play Store and the App Store is long and boring. We take that pain from you.

Client: Sejel Technology - Ministry of Pilgrimage 

Service: iOS and Android apps


Audience: Hajj cooperators


Intro:Organizing Hajj and all Pilgrims is considered a tough task that requirers large number of resources and human power. The enormous number of Pilgrims from all over the world residing and worshiping in a limited space caused many challenges specially if there they have different languages and cultures. Saudi Arabia is always looking to comfort the Pilgrims and simplify the Hajj process and hence, the Ministry of Pilgrimage has decided to rely on the latest technology to serve this purpose.


Challenge:Grouping & organizing the enormous number of pilgrims is a big challenge to the organizers specially when it comes to the communication between the cooperators and data entry. Cooperators have to have a simple, fast way to communicate with others that is reliable and retrievable at anytime. The old process -which was used by more than 1,500 employee- was relying on a traditional paper-form to collect data. The problem of such an approach is the huge waste of papers, inaccuracy and the high cost of data entry.


Solution: Waqood has developed a robust and reliable smartphone app on Android and iPhone devices so it can be used very heavily during the 8 days of Pilgrimage by more than 1,500 Hajj cooperators to organize more than 2,000,000 people doing their religion practice.The app, yet, had to be simple to take into account all the educational level of cooperators using it. The app allowed cooperators to perform:

  • Pilgrims counting in each camp
  • Camps counting
  • Reporting camps arrivals or departures
  • Cooperators location-based Attendance mechanism
  • Viewing his daily work schedule


Due to the poor internet connectivity at some of Hajj locations, offline data storing and server syncing was implemented.

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