" Waqood has an extraordinary team full of energy & creativity. Waqood didn't just deliver a quality work, they were also keen to provide us with new ideas to improve our product more. " Bader Salem



Our Branding team will assist you step-by-step and will lead you to a better understanding of your brand so you can deliver it to your customers in the best desired way. We will walk with your brand from the brainstorming rooms till it reaches the practical world where it will be successfully standing in the real market.


Brand Personality AnalysisTreating your brand as a human being with characteristics represented include uniqueness, sincerity, intellectualism, competence, excitement and sophistication. The brand personalities gives consumers something with which they can relate, effectively increasing brand awareness and popularity.


NamingWe will assist you to choose the right name to successfully describe and present your brand to consumers.


Brand Marklogo design & specifications, Brand colors, Brand typface.


Brand TypographyThis part mainly deals with “fonts”. What font your brand should use for Headlines, Sub-Head, and main copy.


Brand PhotographyEach brand has its own style of photography whether it is descriptive (stright forward) images, or completely abstract images. We are responsible to present your brand in the best suitable photography style.


StationeryBusiness cards, Letter head, Envelops, Folders, ID cards, CD & CD covers … etc. Whatever you business needs in this field.


Company ProfileTo kick-off your business you might need a small presentation explaining all about your brand.


Application BrandingFor us an application is a brand by its self that is providing a service to its users. So we treat applications as we treat any other brand.


Client: Halwani

Service:Corporate Branding


Audience:Automotive Consumers


Intro:  Al-Halwani is a car dealer in Taif. In 2014 Al-Halwani decided to upgrade its business model from being a traditional (showroom) car Dealer to more sophisticated level by introducing new electronic services for both enternal and external purposes. Such an upgrade required Al-Halwani to re-brand itself to suit the new changes and reveal the new brand in its best image.


Challenge:  The old brand of Al-Halwani was built with very basic branding strategies. Waqood team had to start from scratch and rebuild the whole brand starting from Vision & mission, crossing over the target market, brand essence, competitive advantages, down to brand promise. After the rebuilding is done, a clearer view was gained for the execution part of the re-branding. We made sure that the logo design delivers the perfect image of the brand and its new strategies keeping in mind simplicity and uniqueness.


Result: The right foundation of the brand will automatically lead the brand to the right image. we made sure that the brand’s infrastructure is built properly so the Al-Halwani will be presented in its best image.
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