" Waqood worked ​with​ us not for us during our project​. The fact that we were one team has produced an end-result that is more satisfying than expected. " Hatem Kameli



Wireframes Before starting the UX design, we first make your requirements more visible. We visualize all the component and navigation behavior by sketching screens ‘blueprint’ which acts as visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of the app or website. This step is important to be able pinpoint any issue might arise early and validate all design hypotheses prior creative design and build.


UXUX (User Experience) design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. In the words, making apps or website simple


UIUI (User Interface) Design is the graphical user interface of a software product/service. The UI is the visual layer informed by the UX architecture, but based on branding/style guide and visual design principles. In short, making it pretty


Audience:Instagram Shoppers & Businesses


Intro:  People are using Instagram for variety of reasons, one if which is Shopping. Instagram, as a platform, does not fully support Shoppers nor Businesses as many features lack for both sides. oneGram tries to fill this gap by providing a customized Instagram app that focuses on shopping experience.


Challenge:  oneGram is an Instagram client. Meaning, it uses all Instagram capabilities and data but with some added features. The design challenge was that oneGram needs to highlight all the new features not available in Instagram while maintaining similar User Experience to Instagram to make its users feeling ‘home’ when using OneGram. Waqood design team had also to ensure oneGram identity is well preserved inside the app as being connected with such strong brand as Instagram.


Result: Waqood design team replaced the bottom tab bar in Instagram app with a top tab barWaqood design team has cleverly overcome the challenge by the following:

  • Adapting Instagram timeline style: Since Instagram most used screen is the Timeline screen, the screen style was adapted in oneGram to have a similar User Experience and hence increase app usability measurements.
  • Maintaining Android UX guidelines: As we believe that each apps should adapt the platform it operates on, we have applied all UX guidelines from upper the Tab bar to the navigation style.
  • Preserving oneGram brand: Waqood has applied the brand colors palette to the app along with the brand font type. The icons shape used in the app has also been designed to serve the brand identity.
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