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We develop, host and maintain websites based on the latest technologies and strongest security measurements. The websites we fuel are all responsive website which are compatible across multiple device from mobile phone and tablet to desktop. We have worked on variety of websites from the simple informative websites to the large complex websites.


Frontend“Front-end” development is the development of those elements of a website that the customers sees and interacts with directly. This includes integrating the website with the UI design.


Backend“Back-end” refers to scripts or programs that are executed on the server itself and are independent from the client’s devices. This includes Database Development which will hold all the clients and system information. It also includes APIs development which is the communication channels for the Database to get and post information.


Web Hosting & Maintaining

  • Once your website is live, do ongoing revisions seem more painful than they should be?  Our Web Maintenance services may be the solution.
  • From simple development updates to ongoing development efforts, our flexible web maintenance packages help our clients get things done.
  • While we handle all aspects of the web development process from strategic consulting to HTML/CSS coding to database design and back-end programming, it’s in the implementation of interactive components where we excel.

Client: iClick Group

Service: Corporate Website – Design and Development


Audience: Businesses


Intro: ‘Place’ is a key component in the 4 P’s marketing matrix. Having your business located in a high traffic area generates more sales usually than being in a remote place. With computers connected to the internet 24/7 and smartphone in the pocket of 1.7 Billion people, the ‘Place’ is becoming an ‘Online Place’. Hence, clever businesses are now taking their online presence more and more seriously, as iClick Group does. iClick Group is a full service digital marketing agency targeting large corporate and governments entities. As iClick’s tends to provide only premium services to their clients, they decided to revamp their website to a premium website. So they contacted Waqood


Challenge:   iClick’s old website had a Bounce Rate (users leaving website immediately) of 92% which is high percentage comparing to other website in the same industry. Thus, a major challenge was to improve the Bounce Rate by lowering the rate below 65%.

Waqood had to dig deeper to know the reason of such high percentage. After deep web analysis and examination of the website heat-map, we identified that a big reason of the bouncing is the User Experience of the website along with the technology used. Thus, Waqood design team along with the web team has worked together side by side to solve the issue and satisfy the client.

Waqood cross-functional team has exceeded the client’s expectation by decreasing the Bounce Rate from 92% to 57%. This improvement has been reflected to the businesses performance as the leader generated by the website has  increased 100%, making the website the ultimate Point of Sale for iClick.
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