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EasyBoard is an online platform built for companies. The platform, which comes in form of iPad App, helps company’s board members in the following areas: 


EasyBoard helps strengthen the bond between your board members by offering an easy way to share files and comments between board members.


The main reason to offer EasyBoard is to increase productivity. This can be achieved by using our state of the art Board Meeting Management module which helps board members assign and track tasks to be able to get the job done faster.


EasyBoard also helps your team to be up to date with all company related journals and documents by having an automatic syncing to a Document Center where all company’s related documents can be shared to all team members easily.

Directors Features

Meetings in a glance

Directors can browse his/her meetings in the minimum steps anyone can imagine. Directors can check previous meetings and group meetings and more.


Decisions/Resolutions/Meeting Minutes Approval Directors will have the ability to read and approve the new decisions and resolutions from EasyBoard with just one tab.


Directors can sign the document within EasyBoard and it will be synced to all the members.


Voting on Meeting Time We know how busy most of the Directors are, so when a meeting is being set the Board members of that meeting will vote to agree or disagree on the meeting. This insures a better and faster meeting setup.


Directors will receive notifications on EasyBoard in two forms : Email Notification Push Notification (on the iOS device)

Admin Features


Admin has the ability to manage (add, edit suspend) all users.
User types are : Secretary of the meeting Director Board Member Off-Board Member


Decisions/Resolutions/Meeting Minutes Approval Admin will set up board groups and manage them through the control panel of EasyBoard.


Admin will create the meeting with all it’s required documents and information, from setting up the date and time till uploading meeting minutes.


Admin will be able to create tasks and assign them to single or multiple persons and set a due date. We have also integrated reminders for the tasks for the members.


Admin will manage directors with all their information from EasyBoard Control Panel.


Admin will manage directors with all their information from EasyBoard Control Panel.

Action Items

Admin will create the action items for the members and send a reminders for it as will.

Compensation Calculator

EasyBoard will automatically calculate member’s compensation depending on member’s attendance .

Screen Shots


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