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Why Waqood !

Have you ever wondered why do you decide on a specific coffee shop between dozen other choices? The certifies of favoring a coffee shop differs from one person to another.
You might be looking for the best blend or prefer to have more provided choices. Others might prefer a specific theme or atmosphere of the coffee shop. Most coffee shops are alike.
The staff, however, is what makes your experience in a coffee shop unique. They are the ones who perfects your coffee, provide different and attractive choices, and maintain the shop’s surrounding environment just the way you like it.
Our staff in Waqood can supply attractive development choices and various technical consultations to your project. Our team will prepare the best user interface for your application and will employ its long experience to the success of your project even after its official launch.


More than 70 projects, for government agencies and private sector, have been completed within four years on Android, IOS and web platforms.


Beyond the Technology We do not just write code! Our team is able to deliberate the ideas of your project and providing unique and out of the box suggestions


Our native team is able to comprehend the mindset and requirements of local users to design solutions that are attractive to the local market based on international standards.


We develop and manage our projects using the Agile methodology to increase the flexibility of our execution pipeline. As a result, we can amend the project’s requirements and integrate new improvements on time.


We ensure full transparency and integrity in our business dealings as we believe those values maintained our repute and customers’ trust.


Our team is able to provide technology solutions to a wide-range of operating systems and platforms.


Our team is able to provide technology solutions to a wide-range of operating systems and platforms.


We preserve the privacy of your project ideas and its related documents.